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Investing in real estate with crowdfunding

Investing through crowdfunding is becoming increasingly popular. It is a concept in which you can invest in start-ups, real estate, development projects and more. Through the crowdfunding top 40 we keep you informed every month about the 40 largest crowdfunding projects of the past month.

For each project, it is indicated which company has launched the project, what the target amount is, how much has been raised and how much interest the investors can expect.

real estate crowdfunding top 40

The real estate crowdfunding top 40

In 2020, the European real estate crowdfunding market hit 822 million euros and with the new European permit, the market is expected to grow exponentially.

Real estate and crowdfunding are an excellent match because this combination enables registered users to invest in real estate projects in small amounts if they want to. Do you want to know exactly how this works? Read more via this link.

We have made a top 40, specifically for real estate projects in the crowdfunding world so that you have an overview of which companies are involved in real estate crowdfunding, which projects are the most substantial, and where you could receive the most interest.

Invest in real estate online

Investing in real estate through crowdfunding is seen as a good alternative to having your money stay still in your savings account. In comparison to saving money, investing in real estate crowdfunding projects would enable you to receive much more favorable interest. Additionally, it is easy to spread your investments, since it allows you to invest in multiple different projects at the same time.

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